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Affordable Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving can be expensive to decorate for and it's so close with other big holidays, that it often gets overlooked. Here are a few ways to decorate in style and on a budget.

Let’s get started!

6 Tips for Making Decor Affordable

01 Flip a table runner you already have. or use a neutral runner

02 Incorporate neutral Christmas decor, such as white berries

03 Layer, layer, layer!  Adds dimension & helps decor look full

04 Reuse neutral fall decor, such as pumpkins 

05 Add home decor you have

06 Invest in simple plates/chargers to use all year

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Green Leaf Banner
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Flip a Table Runner you have


Use a neutral runner or flip one you already have. I reused the other side of my Christmas runner that is all white.

Incorporate Neutral Christmas Decor


Maximize neutral Christmas Decor you already own. I used these white berries because they look festive, almost like white cranberries!

Layer, layer, layer!


By itself, my runner is plain white, but with different decor on top, it has a lot more dimension.

Reuse Fall Decor


I mean it technically still is fall, so use all those pumpkins! I love white or brown pumpkins for the Thanksgiving season.

Add Decor you already have


These black candlesticks I have get used year round, but for this holiday I added gold candlesticks.

Invest in Neutral Plates and Charges


Neutral plates and chargers, such as these gold rimmed stoneware plates are simple enough for everyday use, but can easily be mixed/matched for holidays.